Dr John Ryan

Dr John Ryan – Medical Doctor

Doctor John Alexander Ryan, is the Chairman of Professionals Against Water Fluoridation, of Aspley Medical Centre, Brisbane.  

He holds the following Qualifications: MBBS (Bachelor in Medicine and Surgery) Qld (1971); FRACGP (Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioner) (1979); DCH (Diploma in Child Health) (Ireland) (1980); MSc (Master of Science) (Nutrition) with Distinction 1980 (Univ of London); FACNEM (Fellowship of the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine); MRCGP (Member of the Royal College of General Practitioners) UK.

He was a past Queensland President of ACNEM (Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine), AMAC (Australian Medical Acupuncture College), AIMA (Australasian Integrative Medical Association Inc). I am the Inaugural and Past-Chair of the Human Research Ethic Committee (HREC) of the Australian College of Natural Medicine (ACNM)

He was a CMEC (Complementary Medicines Evaluation Committee) member of TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) between 2001 and 2006, a Committee advising the Australian Government on the Safety and Efficacy of Natural Medicines. Particularly, by virtue of this involvement, I have become experienced at critically assessing scientific presentations. He is a Member and Deputy Chair, Council (since its inception in 1990), ACNM (Australian College of Natural Medicine), the largest Australian educator in natural therapies, with six campuses nationally.

He is a Medical Practitioner vitally interested in preventive and early intervention Medicine. He is the Chairman of Professionals Against Water Fluoridation (PAWF), an organisation which represents some 3000 doctors, dentists, scientists and other health professionals in Australia, with significant concerns concerning the Safety and Efficacy of Water Fluoridation.

PAWF believe that artificial water fluoridation can never be safe and ethical. It is unsafe in that many independent scientific researchers support the evidence of the detrimental systemic effects fluoride can cause to some who ingest it on a regular long-term basis; this is based on both the concentration and quantity (that is, the total Dose) consumed. As well, we believe that individuals in the community have ample opportunities to choose an exposure to fluoride; we believe that mass-medication or mass-drugging is against civil right and deprives individuals of the liberty to decide for themselves and their children if they should be so medicated, and to what extent. The public are not receiving the facts about water fluoridation.

Those advocating the addition of fluoride to Queensland's public water supply, such as the respondents, prefer to denigrate opponents than engage in substantive scientific debate. For instance, the Australian Dental Association dismisses opponents' arguments and says people who don't want fluoride can take it out of the water themselves – at significant expense.

The Queensland Government has stated that Queenslanders have the worst teeth in Australia. Statistical data from the Australian Research Centre for Population Oral Health suggests a different truth. The following data is taken from recent oral health surveys and sourced from individual state reports 2004-06 National Survey of Adult Oral Health.

1. For adults: National Survey of Oral Health (state and territory reports, 2004-06):


2. For Children: Child health dental survey 2002 -



DMFT = Decayed. Missing and Filled Teeth STATE 5-6years

DMFT 12 years DMFT 15-34 yrs DMFT 35-54yrs

DMFT ≥ 55yrs DMFT % Fluoridated (NHMRC 2007)


ACT 1.84 1.27 2.6 12.9 22.7 100%

NSW Unavailable Unavailable 4.4 13.9 22.7 92% NT 2.30 0.84 5.0 12.7 22.1 70%

QLD 2.28 1.26 5.0 14.6 23.1 <5%

SA 1.62 0.84 4.1 14.0 22.1 90%

TAS 1.76 1.21 4.9 14.1 23.4 83%

VIC 1.85 0.98 4.4 15.1 22.5 77%

WA 1.58 0.92 5.4 14.5 22.7 92%

Of concern are those who are financially unable, or for whatever personal reason, cannot afford a lifetime of expensive fluoride-free bottled or purified water, and will be indirectly forced to drink fluoridated water against their will by the respondents’ decision.

This is a medical or therapeutic treatment which defies every rule of drug management – administrated compulsorily every day, for a lifetime, regardless of age and medical circumstances (and with little prior education or choice for the community) and without review of a particular person’s medical situation (eg additional water consumption—athletes, workers. diabetics, normal people who happen to drink large amounts of water), and people who cannot excrete the substance eg people with kidney disease.

Many water fluoridation supporters, such as the respondents, seek to relegate those opposed to their views as "nutters", including me – a medical practitioner vitally interested in early intervention medicine and spokesman for more than 3000

Australian doctors, dentists, scientists and other health practitioners – and my wife, a medical professional and dedicated researcher in this subject. These “nutters” presumably also includes a third of Brisbane's population; in a community forum in 2005, Brisbane Lord Mayor Campbell Newman said he would not support water fluoridation because a third of his residents rejected mass medication.

Specifically, the Lord Mayor response in a letter to me dated 11 December 2008, in reply to my letter to him dated 26 November 2008 concerning the Queensland Government’s plans, and my specific concerns for babies’ exposure to fluoridated water, included the following: “This legislation was rammed through State Parliament without any consultation whatsoever with local government authorities, nor with the general public.

It is disappointing this was the case and certainly, in my view, something as significant as this should have been subject to referendum” These “nutters” must also include 14 Nobel Prize winners who have opposed water fluoridation on scientific grounds, including Arvid Carlsson who led the successful campaign against fluoridation in Sweden, and who won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2000 The Australian Dental Association is being negligent in not following the world's largest group of dentists, the American Dental Association, in stating clearly on its website the warning that fluoridated water should not be used for formula-fed babies.

It is well documented that less than 50% of babies in Australia are breast fed to 6 months. These babies should have no fluoridated water and babies to one year should only have a small amount that this is not possible with fluoridated water. Babies retain 80% of ingested fluoride and this is especially detrimental to many body systems including the nervous system where the protective blood-brain barrier has not matured. Only nine countries in the world have fluoridation of more than 50 per cent of their public water supplies.

Thus, the respondents by saying that in order for Queensland to be "in step" with most of the world, the decision to artificial water fluoridate Queenslanders’ water supply is required.

This is simply misleading and misinformation. Less than 2 per cent of Continental Europe's drinking water is fluoridated. Europe has abandoned the discredited practice over the past 30 years and with no loss to dental health. Japan, China, Scotland and Northern Ireland have rejected fluoridation. Israel has ceased expansion due to recent research exposing negative health effects. On November 4, 2008, 53 communities in the USA rejected water fluoridation out of 67 referenda held there on that day.

The issues concerning the safety and efficacy of water fluoridation were presented in written form, by himself and three colleagues, with all relevant scientific supporting data, on February 12, 2008, to Premier Anna Bligh. Also in attendance were the Health Minister Stephen Robertson, Chief Medical Officer Dr Jeanette Young, and Chief Dental Officer Michael Foley. Each received a bound copy. Their response to the presentation was to support the reading of the bill an hour later without any assessment of a very significant document Finally, less than 1 per cent of water used is actually drunk.

Making the decision to add artificial fluoride into Queenslanders’ water supply is unreasonable and without any credible evidences or materials to justify the respondents making such a decision. Most water is for other household use including sewage, and for use by industry etc. If artificial water fluoridation is for a medication distribution purposes, this is definitely not an efficient way of distribution but a very wasteful system of medication distribution.

There are also significant issues concerning the damage to our ecology by the subsequent disposal of this known poison. Queenslanders were not entitled to examine the source of any information before they are compulsorily medicated for a lifetime.

Big business and government are funding the dentists in their harmful crusade and Queensland Health has declared already it is not interested in presenting both sides. For example, for a proposed Warwick fluoride poll, Government set aside huge resources and funding for the "Yes" case, and absolutely no funding for the "No" case. Anti water fluoridation supporters and scientists, dentists and medical practitioners trying to get the real science pertaining to fluoride to the public are unable to match the resources of the “Yes” case and have little choice but to encourage Queenslanders to undertake their own research in the matter of water fluoridation.

The decision made by the respondents to add fluoride chemicals into Queenslanders’ household drinking water supply is not only dangerous but it was a decision made based on manipulated statistical data, FALSEHOODS, misinformation and disinformation through the mainstream media as to the true nature of artificial water fluoridation. Most importantly, there is no informed consent from Queenslanders pertaining to artificial water fluoridation. End.

See content of Dr John Ryan and Deputations' Presentation to Qld Premier Anna Bligh on Feb 12th 2008    Click here


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    Why taint with the water supply? Why not allow families to have free fluoride tablets through Medicare so they at least have a choice as to whether they wish to have `better teeth or not’ and it not costing them anything to do so if they choose?

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