Dr Andrew Harms

Dr Andrew Harms

Holds a BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) from Adelaide. He is Past President of the Australian Dental Association (South Australia Branch).

He supported and facilitated the Australian Dental Association’s effort to artificial water fluoridate South Australian community areas in the mid 1990’s.

He now believes that water fluoridation is not safe and should be stopped.

In nature, the most common fluoride containing compounds are calcium fluorite (Fluorspar, CaF2), cryolite (Sodium aluminium fluoride, Na3 AlF6) and Calcium phosphate apatite complex.

The State Governments are not using naturally occurring fluoride to fluoridate the water supply but instead a highly toxic poison, a by-product of the Aluminium or Phosphate Works.

"Fluoride in our water supply is a very real risk to our population at large," said dentist Dr Andrew Harms.

This radical view has made him a renegade among his colleagues and the professional body he once headed in South Australia.

Dr Harms has joined the growing movement of public discontent about adding fluoride – a potent poison in its most concentrated form – to our drinking water.

"The chemical is dangerous," Dr Harms said. "I am concerned at arsenic and lead levels. There’s evidence in North Carolina university that fluoridated chemicals, FSAS, leach lead in water supply, particularly if water is standing in old lead pipes and brass fittings."

Rural communities across NSW, Victoria and South Australia are trying to resist the introduction of fluoride, while Queensland is forging ahead to add it to its supply for the first time later this year. Opponents say it should be put to a vote.

"There are more political and commercial interferences than true science and our health authorities have been sitting on their hands and not doing their job to protect the public," Dr Harms said.

Fluoride has been added to our drinking water since the 1960s. The pro-fluoride lobby say it's been effective in reducing tooth decay, but overseas alarm bells have been ringing about the health risks.

This includes credible scientific sources like Emeritus Professor Paul Connett: "Here we have 1100 scientists say 'its a problem'. Now, we should get from other side a very careful scientific explanation, but we don't get that. All we get is a continuation of propaganda – safe and effective – if they repeat it enough times with a white coat, everybody is supposed to believe them."

In the US, worried health officials have issued warnings about mixing baby formula with fluoridated tap water – but not here. And there's also concern about advice from dentists that its OK for kids to swallow toothpaste containing fluoride.

Carmel Stringer is one of about 200,000 Australians who have reported a serious reaction to fluoridated water. She uses a reverse osmosis filter to remove fluoride from her drinking water.

Dr Harms says Australians should also be wary of calls to add fluoride to bottled water.

The Australian Dental Association told us it didn't want to get into a public debate with opponents of fluoride, but maintained it was safe and its efficiency was confirmed in numerous studies, claiming there was no scientific proof it is harmful.

"The only argument here is whether we have an adequate margin of safety to protect all the people drinking fluoridated water. I would stake my scientific career that there is no adequate margin of safety," Professor Connett said.

"In Australia your authorities have never done health studies on fluoride, only on teeth, so they are flying blind," Professor Connett said.

In the meantime, Dr Andrew Harms vows he isn't going to be silenced.

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  8. Kale Brock
    September 22nd, 2015 at 8:29 pm

    Hi guys,

    My name is Kale. I run a health podcast which you can see at my website. I’d love to have Dr Harms on the show to talk about fluoride – I am an adelaide based journalist/researcher so could do this interview in person or via Skype.

    We’ve been ranked 12th in the world in the iTunes Health category for podcasts, so it would be great for sharing your message.

    If you could email me at hello@kalebrock.com.au if you’re interested that would be great.


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