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The Home of Toxic Sodium Fluoride Qld Health… "Drinking fluoridated water is good for people of all ages including young children, pregnant women and older people." FACTS Disodium Hexafluorosilicate / Hexafluorosilic Acid have accumulative, dangerous side effects. They are Enzyme Inhibitors. Chronic fluoride exposure can cause misscarriges, still births and rewires infants brains it has lethal effects for all pregnant mothers, babies, children and the elderly.

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Sodium Fluoride An Inorganic Toxic Waste



The Phosphate Fertilizer Industry: An Environmental Overview

by Michael Connett Fluoride Action Network May 2003

1. Introduction

They call them "wet scrubbers" – the pollution control devices used by the phosphate industry to capture fluoride gases produced in the production of commercial fertilizer. In the past, when the industry let these gases escape, vegetation became scorched, crops destroyed, and cattle crippled. Today, with the development of sophisticated air-pollution control technology, less of the fluoride escapes into the atmosphere, and the type of pollution that threatened the survival of some communities in the 1950s and 60s, is but a thing of the past (at least in the US and other wealthy countries). However, the impacts of the industry's fluoride emissions are still being felt, although more subtly, by millions of people – people who, for the most part, do not live anywhere near a phosphate plant. That's because, after being captured in the scrubbers, the fluoride acid (hydrofluorosilicic acid), a classified hazardous waste, is barreled up and sold, unrefined, to communities across the country. Communities add hydrofluorosilicic acid to their water supplies as the primary fluoride chemical for water fluoridation. Even if you don't live in a community where fluoride is added to water, you'll still be getting a dose of it through cereal, soda, juice, beer and any other processed food and drink manufactured with fluoridated water. Meanwhile, if the phosphate industry has its way, it may soon be distributing another of its by-products to communities across the country. That waste product is radium, which may soon be added to a roadbed near you – if the EPA buckles and industry has its way.

2. Effects of Fluoride Pollution

"Farmers noticed it first… Something mysterious burned the peppers, burned the fruit, dwarfed and shriveled the grains, damaged everything that grew. Something in the air destroyed the crops. Anyone could see it… They noticed it first in 1961. Again in '62. Worse each year. Plants that didn't burn, were dwarfed. Grain yields cut in half…Finally, a greater disaster revealed the source of the trouble. A plume from a silver stack, once the symbol of Dunville's progress, spreading for miles around poison – fluorine. It was identified by veterinarians. There was no doubt. What happened to the cattle was unmistakable, and it broke the farmer's hearts. Fluorosis – swollen joints, falling teeth, pain until cattle lie down and die. Hundreds of them. The cause – fluorine poisoning from the air."

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Fluoride Alert Org http://www.fluoridealert.org/phosphate/overview.htm#3

  1. Introduction
  2. Effects of Fluoride Pollution
  3. Litigation from Fluoride Damage
  4. Scrubbing away the problem
  5. A Missed Opportunity: Little Demand for Silicofluorides
  6. Fluoridation: "An ideal solution to a long-standing problem"?
  7. Recent Findings on Silicofluorides
  8. Gypsum Stacks & 'Slime Ponds'
  9. Radiation Hazard
  10. Will radioactive gypsum be added to roads?
  11. Commercial Uranium Production
  12. Cold War Secrets & Worker Health
  13. Wastewater Issues
  14. References
  15. Photographs of the Phosphate Industry
  16. Further Reading

Fluoride: Industry’s Toxic Coup

by Joel Griffith September 8, 2008 For nearly 50 years, the US government and media have been telling the public that fluoride compounds (generally referred to simply as “fluoride”) are safe and  beneficial chemicals that reduce cavities – especially in children. Manufacturers add it to toothpaste, municipalities put it in the public’s drinking water. But fluoride has another side that the  government  never mentions. It is a toxic industrial pollutant .

Read article – Fluoride: Industry’s Toxic Coup


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