Fluoride Destroys the Environment

"Airborne fluorides have caused more worldwide damage to domestic animals than any other air pollutant." – US Department of Agriculture. Air Pollutants Affecting the Performance of Domestic Animals. Agricultural Handbook No. 380. Revised. 1972. p. 109. "Certainly, there has been more litigation on alleged damage to agriculture by fluoride than all other pollutants combined." – Weinstein LH. (1983)."Effects of Fluorides on Plants and Plant Communities: An Overview." In: Shupe JL, Peterson HB, Leone NC, (Eds). Fluorides: Effects on Vegetation, Animals, and Humans. Paragon Press. Salt Lake City, Utah. pp. 53-59. Between 1957 and 1968 "fluoride was responsible for more damage claims against industry than all twenty [nationally monitored air pollutants] combined." – Groth E. (1969). Air is Fluoridated. The Peninsula Observer Jan 27 – Feb 3. » Read full article


The Phosphate Fertilizer Industry:

An Environmental Overview

Fluoride Alert. 1) Introduction.

They call them "wet scrubbers" – the pollution control devices used by the phosphate industry to capture fluoride gases produced in the production of commercial fertilizer. In the past, when the industry let these gases escape, vegetation became scorched, crops destroyed, and cattle crippled. 

Today, with the development of sophisticated air-pollution control technology, less of the fluoride escapes into the atmosphere, and the type of pollution that threatened the survival of some communities in the 1950s and 60s, is but a thing of the past (at least in the US and other wealthy countries). 

However, the impacts of the industry's fluoride emissions are still being felt, although more subtly, by millions of people – people who, for the most part, do not live anywhere near a phosphate plant.

That's because, after being captured in the scrubbers, the fluoride acid (hydrofluorosilicic acid), a classified hazardous waste, is barreled up and sold, unrefined, to communities across the country. Communities add hydrofluorosilicic acid to their water supplies as the primary fluoride chemical for water fluoridation.

Even if you don't live in a community where fluoride is added to water, you'll still be getting a dose of it through cereal, soda, juice, beer and any other processed food and drink manufactured with fluoridated water.Meanwhile, if the phosphate industry has its way, it may soon be distributing another of its by-products to communities across the country.

That waste product is radium, which may soon be added to a roadbed near you – if the EPA buckles and industry has its way.

Other Topics.

2) Effects of Fluoride Pollution. -  3) Litigation from Fluoride Damage. -4) Scrubbing away the problem. - 5) A Missed Opportunity: Little Demand for Silicofluorides. - 6) Fluoridation: "An ideal solution to a long-standing problem"? – 7) Recent Findings on Silicofluorides. - 8) Gypsum Stacks & 'Slime Ponds'. - 9) Radiation Hazard, - 10) Will radioactive gypsum be added to roads? - 11) Commercial Uranium Production. – 12) Cold War Secrets & Worker Health. – 13) Wastewater Issues. – 14) REFERENCES. - 15) PHOTOGRAPHS OF THE PHOSPHATE INDUSTRY.

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"Water Fluoridation" or 

The Phosphate Fertilizer Industry's Toxic Waste Disposal Program.

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  The American Dental Association and your own hometown dentist, the government, the medical establishment, your parents and teachers have all told you since you can remember that fluoride is good for your teeth. You may have even been forced (as I was) to endure burning and painful fluoride "treatments" in grade school – swishing and holding this liquid-fire in your mouth for one full minute before spitting, then nothing to eat or drink for 30 minutes after – in 6th grade that was torture, let me tell you.

So why, when all these people love you and care about you, should you believe that they were filling your mouth with poison and your head with crap?

Because Adolf Hitler once said: If you tell a lie long enough and loud enough, people will start to believe it.

Water fluoridation was devised by the very men who sought to gain from it… the kings of the Aluminum industries, the fertilizer industries.  

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