Horses - Poisoned

Poisoned Horses Excerpts

davidkennedydds — February 24, 2008 — Justus's horses are found to be suffering from chronic fluoride poisoning from drinking fluoridated water. Study published in peer reviewed scientific literature.

  ARTIFICIAL WATER FLUORIDATION CAUSES FLUORIDE POISONING IN HORSES Daniel G. Stockin, MPH.  College of Veterinary Medicine, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY. August 30, 2005 There is a vast literature on fluoride poisoning in animals, especially in cattle. The sources of fluoride are emissions from aluminum, coal, and steel industries, phosphate fertilizer and feed supplements. The exposure is usually very heavy and the life-span relatively short. Now we have before us another situation in horses exposed to relatively low fluoride but for a very long time. A community in Colorado fluoridated the water some 20 years ago in a concentration of 1.3 parts per million (ranging from 0.35 to 1.35). For a local Quarter Horse operation, from 6 to 10 horses, this was the only source of water. There were no phosphate fertilizer used or any phosphate supplements for the horses. Signs of fluoride poisoning started to appear after five years and included interference with reproduction, crooked leg bones. Blood analyses showed decreased levels of thyroid gland hormone. Post-mortem examination of cannon-bones revealed pile-up of bone tissue on the inner surface (endostosis) and chemical analysis of dried bone confirmed the diagnosis of chronic dental fluorosis which grew worse with time and finally showed severe destruction of tooth-supporting bone. Over the years, 5 horses were killed because of progressive signs of chronic fluoride poisoning. The horses did not die in vain. They played a role in the successful campaign to discontinue artificial water fluoridation in the community. The lesson to be learned is obvious: prevent fluoride poisoning by NOT fluoridating the water.  See Report by Daniel G Stockin.    Click Here.    Cattle & Cows – Poisoned

Industrial Fluoridation: A Historical Perspective


Sheep – Poisoned


The Queensland Journals of Agricultural Science.

Merino sheep study reference to J. M. Harvey (1952)

           J.M. Harvey, a Senior Government Chemist, described the health and economic impacts of fluorosis affecting merino sheep in a scholarly paper entitled “Chronic Endemic Fluorosis of Merino Sheep in Queensland.” This peer-reviewed paper was published in the Queensland Journal of Agricultural Science (vol. 9/Nr.2, p.47-138) under the auspices of The Queensland Department of Agriculture and Stock.

          This scholarly paper is outstanding in its broad scope, thoroughness in execution, and attention to detail. It stands as a benchmark contribution on the affects of fluoride poisoning of merino sheep. Comparisons with human studies are valid because both species are placental mammals.   

          J. M. Harvey (1952) demonstrated that fluoride poisoning of sheep is evidenced by shortened breeding lives for ewes, higher mortality of lambs (stillborn and post-natal), lower wool quality and yields, and also reduced meat production. Elevated levels of fluoride were found in the blood, thyroid, and kidneys.

          J.M. Harvey attributed the poor health of the merino sheep mainly to impaired grazing efficiency, caused in turn by defective teeth. He reported abnormalities in shape, size, structure and hardness of teeth, together with jaw and skeletal bone deformities; the degree of severity is related to fluoride concentration in drinking water.

          Amazingly, merino ewes’ milk did not exceed a low 0.2 ppm fluoride, even for sheep drinking water (~4.5 l/day) with up to 10 ppm F. This mirrors the fact that human mothers’ milk (~0.01 ppm F) discriminates strongly against toxic fluoride.

          The Queensland Government has known about the health impacts of drinking fluoridated water for almost 60 years. In spite of this awareness, the Queensland Government stubbornly refuses to adopt a precautionary approach to fluoride toxicity.

(Brief Review and comments by John Lusk (M.Sc., Ph.D.)  Chronic Endemic Fluorosis Merino Sheep in Queensland.  Click to Read Vol 9 No 2 June 1952.  Read Qld Government Report.  Click to Read Vol 10 No 3 September 1953. Read Qld Government Report.  Click to Read 

Kangaroos – Poisoned

Roos dying poisoned by fluoride emissions in Portland and Cragieburn, Victoria

Craigieburn and the Alcoa aluminium smelting plant near Portland are proving fatal to kangaroos. DSE was informed of the problem in 2008 and the EPA was told in 2005, but signs of fluoride-related symptoms in kangaroos were noted as early as 2001. We know we cannot rely on the DSE's wildlife statistics and most of us have heard that the EPA is a toothless tiger, but how many of us would have thought there was enough fluoride dust out there to kill herds of kangaroos? Where does that put humans, especially children?

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Roos victims of factory fluoride

SCORES of starving and pain-ridden kangaroos have been culled after developing tooth and bone deformities from breathing and ingesting fluoride emissions.

Many more are believed to be suffering from growths that will kill them.

The affected kangaroos are living near the Alcoa aluminium smelter in Portland, in the state's south-west, and the Austral Bricks factory at Craigieburn.

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  1. Karen Murray
    November 14th, 2011 at 6:54 am

    I don’t get it, why are governments trying to poison us. Is this their idea of a solution for overpopulation?

  2. John Harris
    May 26th, 2016 at 10:36 am

    Correct me if i am wrong but in the workplace it is against the Health and safety regulations to administer or provide panadol to any Employee so therefore how is it allowed that Flouride is supplied to the consumers of tap water. I see no difference. We should have had the right to reject this poison called Flouride.

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